Our home is where we feel safe, where we rest and spend some of the best moments of our lives, so it is important to make it a comfortable and welcoming place. Here are some tips to take care of and protect your home while saving.

Over the years and exposure to natural elements and everyday use, the materials in our homes will suffer wear and tear and need repair, replacement or maintenance. In many cases, through small interventions you can save unnecessary expenses later. In others, through small works and remodeling will improve the quality of life without exaggerated costs.

Cracks and fissures

Cracks and fissures

The cracks and cracks in the walls are major threats to the structure of buildings. Perform periodic inspections on all walls, interiors and exteriors. In this way you will find sensitive areas where water, wind and cold can infiltrate and cause damage. Sometimes it is enough to apply small portions of special sealant to repair cracks and the problem is solved.

Combat dilated joints, faults and number cracks through the use of silicone. You’ll see how in a few minutes, with small applications, using the silicone gun, you’ll feel more secure protecting your home. With these small gestures you are saving money on major repairs.

Doors and windows

A careful inspection of all windows, doors, fences, ceilings and wooden floors is the first step in identifying intervention needs. Identify broken or rotten woods that require urgent repair or replacement.

The regular application of varnishes, moisturizing oils and protection, not only preserves the natural beauty of the wood, but also increases its longevity and avoids expenses with replacements. By prolonging the life of your wooden structures, it avoids problems and saves on expenses. Also lend to doors that grind or crawl on the floor. Get rid of annoying noises or scratches on the floor of your home with the application of lubricating oils or washers on the door hinges to solve these problems.


Aside from being a way to protect your home, it is an inexpensive way to give your home a new look. Unleash your creativity while taking care of your home. Check the weather and see when the days are sunny and hot, so you can paint the walls of your house without having to wait several hours or even days for them to dry completely.

In the case of exterior walls, spring and summer are indicated for these maintenance tasks. Let the creativity flow and risk darker colors or even, perhaps, patterns that will leave all your friends impressed at the next visit.



Periodically inspect the roof of your house and anticipate possible outbreaks of gutters and infiltrations on the ceilings. There is nothing more unpleasant than to realize the existence of uncomfortable gutters just as the first rains begin to fall. Look for good professionals who can check your roof and repair it properly. As in the case of paintings, it is also recommended here that work be done during seasons when the weather is milder and allows the roof to rise without danger of strong winds or unexpected rains. Avoid climbing at your own risk to the roof of your home.

This is a delicate procedure. In addition to jeopardizing your safety, you may inadvertently break some shingles and further damage your roof.
If your home has a rainwater collection system through a drain, keep it clean of grasses, leaves and other debris that may prevent water from draining. If you can not safely reach the pipes near the roof, again, get professional help.


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