Would you like your children, the children of your children and the children of your children’s children to enjoy nature, just as you are doing? If your answer is yes, there are many things you can do for the environment.

We are going to tell you how to enjoy a sustainable home and feel that you are collaborating with the care of the planet.

The waste of water and energy

In addition to having irreversible environmental consequences, it also implies a high cost at the end of the month. To cite an example, in terms of waste, the average water consumption per capita exceeds 140 liters per day, and each household emits 12.5 tons of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) into the atmosphere per year.

These figures, added to the fact that almost ten million Spanish homes do not have any type of measure for energy efficiency, make the transformation of our homes, in sustainable places, a necessity.

How to live in a sustainable home

Contributing to preserve the environment requires an adjustment of habits. Small changes that, in addition to implying great benefits for the Planet, will help you save. If you want to live in a sustainable home, take note:

  • Turn off electrical appliances . Disconnect them when you are not going to use them, but do not leave them in ‘stand by’ because it also involves cost and energy waste. Turning off the computer, television, chargers and music equipment, for example, saves 10%, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU).
  • Check the contracted electrical power . If when you turn on different electrical devices at the same time ‘leads do not jump’, maybe you can consider reducing the contracted power.
  • Choose efficient appliances. To the extent possible, opt for appliances with the highest energy classification available (A +++), as they represent a significant saving. But, in addition, use them efficiently and watch where you install them. For example, a refrigerator located next to a heat source will consume more energy than usual.
  • Consume responsibly. Saving in the supermarket is possible. Use price comparators, look for offers and promotions, buy fresh and seasonal products…. They are just some examples of how to act in this regard. As for cleaning products, try to make them natural and if you can, buy them in bulk, bringing yourself recycled plastic containers.
  • Correctly insulate the house . Measures such as double-glazed windows can lead to savings in heating of 50 percent, so, what a priori may seem like an expense, in the long run it is an investment. Regarding heating or air conditioning, it is also important to adjust the thermostats well. It is advisable to program the air conditioning at 25 degrees and the heating at 21 degrees.

Another measure to save water at home is to install in the mouth of the aerator taps. Thanks to this small piece, water consumption is reduced by up to 50 percent.

  • Cook efficiently . Although it may not seem like it, cooking also means significant energy consumption. To avoid this, use the pressure cooker. You will reduce the time and energy consumed. Plan the weekly menus well and avoid throwing food in the trash.

Install rain tanks to collect rainwater and reuse it

For example, to water the plants; Properly manage household waste and collaborative consumption are other measures that you can take to enjoy a sustainable home.

Get going. These are easy initiatives to implement, which will not only mean significant savings at the end of the month, but also contribute to the conservation of the environment.

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